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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Luxembourg and Trier

This seems to be turning into a travelogue, but I've tried to stick to mainly including photos of places where I have walked. The shoes are still going strong and are very comfortable. 

This is one of the shopping streets in Luxembourg.
The country has a highly developed economy, reported to have the world's highest nominal GDP per capita.

Smooth pavement outside the National Library
Although what I saw looked "new" compared with the older towns we'd passed along the Rhine and Moselle rivers, Luxembourg's history and strategic importance date back to a Roman era fortress site and a Frankish Count's castle in the Early Middle Ages.

Guard in front of Grand Ducal Palace, Luxembourg.
No, I didn't dare walk in his footsteps.
The "political" stuff about Luxembourg is that it is a representative democracy with a constitutional monarch. It is ruled by a Grand Duke - hence the need for a palace! It is now the world's only remaining sovereign Grand Duchy.

And on to Germany's oldest town . . .

Walking along Simeonstrasse, looking back towards Porta Nigra, fortified Roman
gateway  to the old town. The building dates back to the 2nd century AD.

Looking the other way, towards the Market Square and the
Church of St. Gangolph.

In the Market Square, and still more of the bags that I left behind.

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