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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Walking on Water

The Misty-Magical Moselle

Apart from the magic of sailing from Budapest, under the brightly lit bridges, on the Danube, at night, to the haunting sounds of the Blue Danube Waltz - the Moselle is one of the most wonderful places I've travelled in recent years. The water was so smooth and the reflections so perfect, that you felt you could almost step off the ship and walk straight across golden vineyards to the towns along the route. Well, I have to say that, to have an excuse for adding these beautiful photos to my "footsteps" collections!

What a wonderful place to "row, row, row your boat" on a calm Sunday morning.

After a morning's very scenic and peaceful cruising, we reached Cochem and it was time to start walking again.

A short and sharply steep gangplank led down to the path
beside the river.

You can see where our ship is docked, and the path beside - I took this photo
from the bridge in the next photo. Why is it that when travelling, we seek security
in taking plenty of photos of "our home"?

There are many day tour boats plying the river to cater for the many tourists "unfortunate"
enough to not have their own floating hotel.

 I chose to cross the bridge by foot and the effort was well worthwhile. I took my time walking up this flight of steps; I think there were about 50 steps, but I lost count when I ran out of breath! I found a narrow cobblestone road winding down a little further along near some strategically-placed coffee shops and restaurants, which was much easier for me on the return.

One last steep pinch and I head for the coffee bar.

The following morning we woke up at Bernkastel-Kues. The Moselle River divides these two towns, but they have merged their municipal areas.

A big "thumbs down" to the company who decided that overnight cruising would be acceptable to passengers
in such a scenic area. You don't pay for those balconies and not make good use of them! But I have heard since, that the complaints have been well noted. 

Back to walking on cobblestones again, I took the guided walking tour through the streets of Bernkastel.

It is 8 AM on a Monday morning. The crowds have not yet arrived in the Town Square


Bärenbrunnen (Bear Fountain)


This area is in the midst of a well-known
wine growing area. We are on our way
towards an old wine-cellar gate.

These are some of the things that I didn't purchase,
though I really love those shoulder bags!


By 10 AM people had arrived from everywhere!
Our ship's docking place is right at the end of the car park area.

This is the bridge across the Moselle to Kues,
but one that I didn't walk across.

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  1. I'll be interested to talk to you about your river cruise. Randy & I are thinking of doing it next summer from somewhere to Amsterdam.